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Teenage Woes

“You know what, Papa – the bloody problem is that nobody takes me seriously!” Stwabbit exclaimed one day.

Well, if that’s the kind of language you’re going to use, sweetheart, I’m going to have to take you seriously.


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There was something Stwabbit wanted the Missus to scold me for.

“Mamma, go ahead and scream at him. I’ll beep out words, like they do on TV!”

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Stwabbit badly wants a bey blade. For historical reasons, this demand has not been met.

Sunday evening, she attended a birthday party, where the children played with bey blades.

On the way back, she laments…

“The one thing that could change my life forever… is turning my life upside down!”

Update: Stwabbit got her bey blade on Saturday – within 10 minutes of unpacking, the tip was broken! A new tip has been created with M-Seal, so Stwabbit is not unhappy right now… 🙂

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Bedtime conversation:

“Mamma, what does FU*K mean?”, asks Stwabbit.

“Where did you learn that word?!!!” exclaims the Missus.

“In school”, comes the reply.

“In school? You learned it in school?” asks the Missus, in utter disbelief.

“Yes. It was written on a bench in the computer lab. F-U-*-K!”

I can’t complain. After all, I do send her to school to learn…

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Stwabbit speak:
Darling, aakhon se aakhon ko atyachar karne do…

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Stwabbit Speak:

The early bird gets the early worm.

Why is the worm up so early?!

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“Tonight, I’ll talk a lot in my sleep!” warns Stwabbit.
“Why is that?” we ask.
“Because, I’m going to dream my friends are asking me questions, and I’m answering them”, she replies. “Why don’t you ever dream that you are appearing for your exams?” I ask.
“If you want such a dream, dream it yourself!” she retorts. “Don’t spoil my dream!”

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