Once upon a time, deep in the ocean, there flourished a civilization. There was business, there was trade… in short, there was everything that can be expected of a civilization.

There existed a big corporation, run by sharks. And, there was a small organization, run by octopusses. The sharks employed lots of sharks to do their work. The octopusses had squids to do their bidding.

The Octopus organization had a few pet fish. One day, they entered into a contract with the Shark organization to hire the fish out – now, the fish were expected to entertain the sharks. The sharks had a lot of fun chasing the fish around and troubling them; the poor fish ran around in circles and cribbed to the ocotopuses and squids, to no avail.

One day, the sharks gobbled up the fish.

The octopusses and the squids couldn’t care less.



There was something Stwabbit wanted the Missus to scold me for.

“Mamma, go ahead and scream at him. I’ll beep out words, like they do on TV!”

Life-changing Toy

Stwabbit badly wants a bey blade. For historical reasons, this demand has not been met.

Sunday evening, she attended a birthday party, where the children played with bey blades.

On the way back, she laments…

“The one thing that could change my life forever… is turning my life upside down!”

Update: Stwabbit got her bey blade on Saturday – within 10 minutes of unpacking, the tip was broken! A new tip has been created with M-Seal, so Stwabbit is not unhappy right now… πŸ™‚

Bedtime conversation:

“Mamma, what does FU*K mean?”, asks Stwabbit.

“Where did you learn that word?!!!” exclaims the Missus.

“In school”, comes the reply.

“In school? You learned it in school?” asks the Missus, in utter disbelief.

“Yes. It was written on a bench in the computer lab. F-U-*-K!”

I can’t complain. After all, I do send her to school to learn…


Stwabbit speak:
Darling, aakhon se aakhon ko atyachar karne do…

The Early Worm…

Stwabbit Speak:

The early bird gets the early worm.

Why is the worm up so early?!


NTK = Need To Know
WTK = Want To Know
WTF – Needs no explanation πŸ™‚

Of late, I’ve had the opportunity to observe a strange phenomenon concerning human nature – people tend to want to know about things which are not directly affecting what they are supposed to do, but would rather just have information that they absolutely need to know about the task they are assigned to.

I strongly believe that need to know should be coupled with a desire to know, for effective information dissipation to occur. Separating need from want is fine while budgeting your personal finance, but not when knowledge is involved.
People tend to ask a zillion questions about unrelated topics, but fail to come up with relevant questions when the time comes for them to really understand things. One excuse I recently heard was, “I can’t think of what questions to ask!”

The same person was asking a barrage of questions when sitting through a knowledge transfer session for someone else’s topic!

This kind of attitude is, in my opinion, living in denial. Topics one is not concerned with are like gossip – nice to hear and discuss. Topics that need attention and effort are incomprehensible – it’s easy to say “I’m dumb – I can’t understand anything – so don’t tell me more than I need to know!”

It’s a kind of disclaimer – I tried to do something with the knowledge I was imparted (not that I bothered to ask for clarifications!), and I have no idea how to add value or go that extra mile! Hence, you have a job done; no pride taken, done with the least bit of interest and no application of thought. It’s great to be able to hide behind a curtain of stupidity! A job done, but not a job well done…

It’s a sad state of affairs – such people exist, and such people procreate to raise another generation of fools. Where exactly is the human race headed? Or, are such people the missing link in Darwin’s theory of evolution?

My Disclaimer: This post is about some people, not all people!