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Once upon a time, there lived a really mean terrorist named Assama (“The A$$”, to the world in general). He was responsible for a lot of bad deeds around the world. He was so mean, he would snatch ice-cream cones away from children and pull at pigtails when he stepped out for his evening walk. Children would scream and scurry away when they saw him coming. Yes, he was one bad cookie.

Like all bad people, he had to lay low once in a while. At the time of this story, that’s exactly what he was doing – lying low. The world was a wee bit pissed with him since he had been rather naughty, causing some discomfort to the most powerful nation of all – Oosafaay. The reigning monarch of Oosafaay, “President”, had declared a price on his head. Dead or alive. Preferably as dead as can be. Yet, in spite of five wives and twenty children, here he was – all hale and hearty; the supreme A$$! (more…)


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