Once upon a time, there lived a really mean terrorist named Assama (“The A$$”, to the world in general). He was responsible for a lot of bad deeds around the world. He was so mean, he would snatch ice-cream cones away from children and pull at pigtails when he stepped out for his evening walk. Children would scream and scurry away when they saw him coming. Yes, he was one bad cookie.

Like all bad people, he had to lay low once in a while. At the time of this story, that’s exactly what he was doing – lying low. The world was a wee bit pissed with him since he had been rather naughty, causing some discomfort to the most powerful nation of all – Oosafaay. The reigning monarch of Oosafaay, “President”, had declared a price on his head. Dead or alive. Preferably as dead as can be. Yet, in spite of five wives and twenty children, here he was – all hale and hearty; the supreme A$$! Continue Reading »

Teenage Woes

“You know what, Papa – the bloody problem is that nobody takes me seriously!” Stwabbit exclaimed one day.

Well, if that’s the kind of language you’re going to use, sweetheart, I’m going to have to take you seriously.


Since childhood, I’ve been told that:

  • God keeps tabs on you
  • God punishes you if you’ve been bad
  • You are answerable to God for all you do
  • God dictates the course of your life

It has finally dawned upon me.

God is – the Missus!

Off-topic: An interesting conversation about “my wife” vs. “the wife” can be found here.

Over the past couple of years, I realize I have completely ignored this blog. And, it’s not because my life has ceased to be exciting or because Stwabbit is now a big girl – I guess I should just put it down to sheer laziness!

In a retrospective moment, I woke up to the fact that this blog is an integral part of me, and killing it would be akin to killing a part of me. Now, that’s not something I’d be looking forward to.

So, here’s my New Year Resolution:

Shall post here, at least once a week. 

Since age is catching up on me, I need to have enough memories stored away for my fast-approaching fading years 🙂

Here’s wishing everybody a very happy year ahead, and to new beginnings!

An Event of Note…

Yes, it’s been almost a year since I last posted. A lot has happened since then. Leaving the unpleasant parts out, Zinfandel (the puppy pictured in the previous post) was followed by Rocky (Singh), a Spitz. Now, they’ve given me grand-paternal responsibilities – Zinnie delivered 7 pups a couple of days ago!
If you are a dog lover, head over to crosspuppies.wordpress.com for regular updates on how the pups are shaping up…

Back online


It’s been a while since I posted… a lot has been happening in my life.
To start with, I’ve switched jobs… after almost 6 years in the previous organization, I felt it was time to move on. So, I did 🙂

Apart from a new job, I also have a new member in my family – pictured above. She’s adorable…

Once upon a time, deep in the ocean, there flourished a civilization. There was business, there was trade… in short, there was everything that can be expected of a civilization.

There existed a big corporation, run by sharks. And, there was a small organization, run by octopusses. The sharks employed lots of sharks to do their work. The octopusses had squids to do their bidding.

The Octopus organization had a few pet fish. One day, they entered into a contract with the Shark organization to hire the fish out – now, the fish were expected to entertain the sharks. The sharks had a lot of fun chasing the fish around and troubling them; the poor fish ran around in circles and cribbed to the ocotopuses and squids, to no avail.

One day, the sharks gobbled up the fish.

The octopusses and the squids couldn’t care less.